Rose Katz says "Test, Test, Test"

For the last three years I have been trying to make my own glazes. There have been a few successes, but mostly failures. I decided to take the Intro to Glazes class from Ceramics Materials Workshop. What a game changer!!

Matt Katz lays out the classes and assignments in a way that has given me a framework to think about glazes. I can't wait to keep experimenting with glazes until I find the textures and colors I have been looking for.

These two videos are of the classes' final lab where we added different colorants to the glaze. Colors are difficult for potters, because the color of the glaze going into the kiln is not the same color when it comes out of the kiln. In fact, the before and after colors are not even close.

Glaze test before firing.

Glazes after firing.